Digital Marketing » First Page Google Results

Mastering Google for your business is composed of five key areas, and each business requires a different mix of each. Flow is a trusted Google Partner and can suggest the best plan of attack to get your business generating more inbound inquiries.

1. Paid Search Results

Basically paying to appear at the top of relevant Google searches.

We will run a free forecast for your business, to see how many searches are being conducted each month for your offering, giving you a list of budget levels to select from to reach different proportions of your audience.

2. Display Advertising

Purchase screenspace on over 2 million websites and apps. Google claims that this method allows you to reach over 90% of internet users. Again, Flow can run a free forecast to see how big the pie is, and what each slice will cost.

3. YouTube Advertising

Ads on the worlds biggest video network. Over a billion hours watched, monthly. There are a range of options here, depending on your objectives – click the link to learn more.

4. Re-marketing

Follow your website visitors around the web. Over 90% don’t purchase on their first visit. Ads appear on all three of the above options, plus social media. Flow is experienced in this field, to ensure all best practices and privacy regulations are followed.

5. SEO and analytics

Appear first below the paid listings at the top of any Google search. A percentage of people tend to scroll past the paid ads at the top, so your best bet to maximise visitors is to have both bases covered.

Contact us to book your free strategy session and understand what the best mix for your business would look like.